On November 9th, Softlung releases “The Other Side”. This is the second single by Canadian indie artist Softlung.

The song laments about always getting just halfway there, only to turn around and start over. And after forays in various musical projects over the years, songwriter/musician S.J. Kardash has found himself once again back at that starting line.

Most recently, he was a collaborator and bassist with a rock act which was touring the world and playing major music festivals. But, as the pandemic put a halt to everything, this long-standing musical partnership seemed to drift apart.

Picking up an acoustic guitar and looking inward, he began writing and recording in solitude while truly reflecting on the path which had led him here. He was now isolated and alone in his studio wondering what would come next.

New songs poured out quickly. The music carried a fitting melancholic mood while the lyrics resonated like a long-harboured confession of self-doubt and uncertainty. It’s almost overdue that the long journey through various projects and incarnations should finally lead him to his first ever solo project, Softlung. But perhaps, better late than never…

“The Other Side” is the second single from these debut self-produced sessions.

“I’m standing on the sidelines
Just outside the spotlight
Looking back at my life
That’s what it’s always been like”
(lyric from The Other Side)